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Chilled Isothermal Cabinet

Transport in positive cold link 
(0+°C ; +6°C)



Chilled isothermal cabinet 250L

Chilled isothermal cabinet- 250 liters

Power 200W
Alimentation 12V(connection Kit to connect to the battery)

Possibility of 20 plates 600X400 or 10 plates GN2/1 depth 65 mm 
In option a transformer 220V – 12V

External size :L 78 x l 72 x H 116 cm
Internal size : L 67 x l 58 x H 76 cm

On a market or during a reception, our chilled cabinet is perfect to maintain your products fresh. Connected to the battery of your car, it keeps an average temperature of 3°C. When the cabinet is deconnected, it have a high thermal insulation due to its double polyethylen wall and its CFC-free polyurethanne foam.
The volume of our chilled isothermal cabinet 250 liters is designed in such a way that whatever your type of utility vehicle (Partner, Kangoo, Berlingo), you can install our cabinet while leaving space for other products not requiring the preservation of the cold chain. Our cabinet is a good alternative to avoid the heavy and bulky investment of a refrigerated vehicle.



 armoire isotherme réfrigérée 250L



Courbe de température


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