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 The isothermals Cabinets

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The trnsport of your product will be simplified thanks to our isothermals cabinets.
In order to increase the handiness of our cabinets, we add stainless steel handles and 4 handling wheels. It will keep on temperature all your prepared food during your journey thanks to its high thermal insulation.



Isothermal cabinet 100L
Isothermal cabinet 100L

Isothermal cabinet - 100L
Size : Gastronorm
K=0.44 W/m².K

13 constant pitch slides
eutectic plate adaptable
4 handling wheels
Possibility of GN 1/1 plates 

External size: L650 x P465 x H630
Weight : 14 kg



Isothermal cabinet - 250L
Size : Gastronorm or Pastry cook
K=0.45 W/m².K

20 constant pitch slides
Eutectic plate adaptable 
4 handling wheels

Pssibility of plate GN 1/1:
. 9 x H65mm
. 4 x H150mm
. 6 x H100mm
. 3 x H200mm

External size : L720 x P780 x H970
Weight : 28 kg


Isothermal cabinet 250L
Isothermal cabinet 250L

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