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The Heated Isothermal Cabinet

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Heated isothermal cabinet 250L

Heated isothermal cabinet - 250 liters

Power : 500W
Alimentation : 220V

Possibility of 20 plates 600X400 or 10 plates GN2/1 depth 65 mm 
Delivered with 4 handling wheels.

External size :L 82 x l 72 x H 97 cm
Internal size : L 67 x l 58 x H 76 cm


Our heated isothermal cabinet is planed to facilitate you the transportation of your hot prepared food. Its volume of 250 liters can be equiped with gastronorm size slides or with pastry cook size slides.
You can arrive at the venue of the event you cover without worry of high heat loss even after various openings. An  average loss  of 2 ° C per hour is possible during transport. Once the trip ended, you plug in your isothermal cabinet and it's done!
Our Heating cabinet can preservate your meal at a temperature of 85°C maximum.


etuve isotherme ambulante 250L




 Courbe de température


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