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The APF isothermals containers 

Our isothermals containers are the essential element for the preservation of the cold chain during the tranportation of your fresh or frozen products. With their double polyethylene wall 60mm thick and a CFC-free polyurethanne foam, the APF isothermals containers are on the top of the isothermal technology.


Isothermal container 25L
Isothermal container 25L


The 25 L isothermal container is perfect for the transportation of small quantities.

External size : L48 x l 33x H 31 cm
Internal size : L
40 x l 27 x H 24 cm 
Weight : 4,5 kg



The 35 L isothermal container takes little space in order to have it all the time in the car.

External size :  L 48 x l 33x H 38 cm
Internal size:  L 40 x l 27 x H 31 cm
Weight : 5 kg


Isothermal container 35 L
Isothermal container 35 L

Isothermal container 55 L
Isothermal container 55 L


The 55L isothermal container.
PV Cemagref : T3969
K=0,50 W/m².K

External size : L 67,5x l 51,5x H 37 cm
Internal size  :  L 55 x l 40 x H 25 cm
Weight  : 7 kg



The 85L isothermal container.
PV Cemagref : T3975
K=0,48 W/m².K

External size : L 67,5x l 51x H 51,5 cm
Internal size :  L 53 x l 38 x H 42 cm
Weight: 8 kg


Isothermal container 85 L
Isothermal container 85 L


Trust in our isothermals containers for the transportation of your products in order to avoid all risks of damage of your goods and in that way preserve all their taste.

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