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Rowing boat "Hirondelle"

The essential equipment that you need

Discover the rowing boat "hirondelle"...

Size :

Length : 2 m 20
Width: 1 m 15
Depth : 0 m 45
Weight: 45 kg
Capacity : 2 persons maximum

Barque hirondelle

In rivers, lakes or seas, "Hirondelle" boat is the essential equipment that you need.
Rowing boat promenades, fishing, hunting, its maniability will surprise you.
"The hirondelle" is made of reliable, unchanging and tough material. 
Its transportation and its storage are facilitate by its low weight and its two integreted wheels on the back. Its double hull and its depth give to it a maximal safety. 

Hunting : Perfect for hunting on water, our rowing boat permts you to go everywhere. 
Fishing : Friend of fichermen on river or pond, our rowing boat will make you discover new aspects of fishing.

The boat is equiped of :

1. 2 sticks and their support
2. Stern strengthened enough for a motor of 4 to 5 HP
3. Hook winching
4. 4 handles for lifting and transport
5. Removable and adjustable bench
6. Liston strengthened against the chafing
7. Safe protection
8. Anti-slip floor
9. Nable drain

Schema barque


Its maniability is due to its two integrated wheels on the back which permit to a person alone to bring it everywhere he wants.

Barque hirondelle

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